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Stain & Seal

Nashville based staining contractor, Stain manufacturer and home of Staining University.

Stain & Seal Experts Fence & Deck Stains are commercial grade solvent free, mineral oil based stain & sealers. The best and safest way to preserve your wood. We want to help you protect your fence and deck, to make it last longer, and to keep it looking its best for years to come.

The biggest feature of our stains is the lack of carcinogenic solvents.

  • Most stains use low quality paint pigments which require solvents, these just simply do not pass the test of time and they are harmful to the environment and your health.

  • Our stains are eco friendly low VOC stains never gas off in your backyard near your family, they are easy to clean up and they provide a superior level of protection without the harmful side effects.

Our stains are so easy to apply, never streak, run or leave lap marks.

Our stains are made for contractors but are so easy anyone can apply them like an expert. Our stains can be used on fencing, decking, pergolas, siding, log cabins, and interior tongue and groove applications.

Our stains are also great for pre finishing, pre staining or pre dipping your lumber with our stain is so easy and rough cut boards can be stacked while the stain is still wet.

Benefits of fence staining 

By staining your fence with our quality stain and seal products you are protecting your investment from the harsh Tennessee environment, oxidization, U.V. rays, mold and mildew growth, while virtually eliminating all chances of warping as your fence ages.

In addition to increasing the curb appeal of your home, our stain and seal program is actually a super wise investment that will save you money in the long run by increasing the life of your fence practically indefinitely. Sounds like a no-brainer to me!